ASSDA is currently seeking a General Manager to join the team:

Job title:         ASSDA General Manager
Reports to:     ASSDA Board and ASSDA Secretariat
Location:        Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne (base is flexible)
Date:              June 2016
Apply to:        Lissel Pilcher, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To listen, represent and act according to its member requirements with the primary aim to grow the use and consumption of stainless steel in Australia.

Prepare in conjunction with the ASSDA Board a strategic marketing plan for the Association, which will include clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Implement and follow the plan, in conjunction with the ASSDA team, and report to the ASSDA Board on progress against the plan and KPIs.

Working within the financial guidelines of the Association, maximise interaction and visibility across all levels of industry, including ASSDA Members and all other stakeholders in the industry (stainless steel end-users, manufacturers, fabricators, engineers, specifiers, architects, designers).

Maintain, sustain and grow the ASSDA Membership. Promote the Association to existing and potential members through regular consultation and communication. Seek to make ASSDA a valuable resource to its members, the vehicle they go to for support, advice, education and knowledge in everything related to stainless steel.

Take responsibility and management for:

Manage tariff concessions, technical specifications, standards etc., and related issues with all levels of Government and other authorities that may impact on the market consumption of stainless steel.

In conjunction with the ASSDA team, lead and mange the marketing and publications program as set out in the marketing plan, wherever possible using this to promote and elevate the profile and the reputations of the Association’s members.

Promote and manage the Association’s seminar/webinar/Stainless Steel Specialist Course training program through active involvement with end-users, designers, architects and fabricators. Building the Association’s knowledge and intellectual property by ensuring all training programs are retained for future use by the Association.

In conjunction with the ASSDA team, lead and promote any Association conferences as and when required to maximise the benefits to the Association and its members and industry stakeholders.

Fabricator Accreditation
Continue the existing fabricator Accreditation program which assists in the safeguarding of the stainless steel fabrication industry and the integrity of members’ work. Review the existing Accreditation program, making improvements where necessary and achieve significant growth in the number of Accredited fabricators. Personally visit all Accredited fabricators at least once a year.

Opportunities/Market Development
Remain up-to-date on local and international developments within the stainless steel industry and seek new market opportunities for stainless steel particularly in the substitution of other materials.

Technical Services
Ensuring ASSDA remains a common vehicle for answering technical enquiries from the industry in the most efficient manner. Build the Association’s knowledge and intellectual property by ensuring all FAQs and other question responses are retained by future use by the Association.

Market Statistics
Follow and report to the Board and members as required on stainless steel market size and trends in Australia.

To apply, please email your cover letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.