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Please note that ASSDA's Technical Advice Service represents a significant asset to the stainless steel industry, providing excellent and timely advice for the successful use of the product. To ensure the effectiveness of the service and appropriate equity in its use, ASSDA now offers this service to:

  • ASSDA members
  • Materials specifiers
  • Owners and purchasers of stainless steel plant and equipment
  • Others who make materials decisions.
This service is not offered to non-members who compete with our membership base. If you belong to one of the eligible groups above and wish to lodge a technical inquiry, please complete the inquiry form below.


Technical Enquiry

If your question relates to designing a structure or sourcing a product or service, this will be syndicated to our members by way of a weekly email (LeADmail). The service enables members to contact you directly, in the event they can help you.


The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) is a non-profit industry group that aims to increase the consumption of stainless steel in Australia.

Established in 1992, ASSDA represents more than 150 member companies representing the stainless steel spectrum, including overseas mills, stockists and distributors, fabricators, engineering consultants, end users and service providers.

ASSDA could not continue without the valuable support of its sponsors and members, who work with ASSDA to grow the market for stainless steel.

ASSDA's activities support the stainless steel industry by focusing on:


From the east coast to Perth, ASSDA's seminars and conferences provide a regular forum for professional and social discussion. These events give attendees the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge, discuss key issues and network with industry professionals.


ASSDA's consistent media generation has elevated the profile and reputations of its members. Leading industry publications such as Australian Stainless, marketing activities, publicity and lobbying efforts all aim to promote interest in, and increase the consumption of, stainless steel in Australia.


ASSDA's education vehicles include the popular Stainless Steel Specialist Course, seminars/webinars, videos, interactive packages and publications


As the peak industry body, ASSDA is taking the lead to safeguard the reputation of stainless steel and the integrity of members' work. ASSDA Accreditation will give asset owners and specifiers greater certainty that applications using stainless steel will be performed by technically competent industry specialists.


ASSDA supports and represents the interests of member companies and the industry as a whole. In recent years, ASSDA has become involved in issues including tariff concession orders, technical specifications and standards, and local content requirements.

Problem solving

ASSDA answers around 1000 technical enquiries every year, using its own Technical Specialist, as well as a wide network of metallurgists and stainless steel experts.



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