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Richard Raper, Business Development Manager
SGM Fabrication and Construction Pty Ltd, ASSDA Accredited since January 2011

I would like to share the benefits of having our company SGM Fabrication and Construction gain ASSDA Accreditation a few years ago. We were quoting a large stainless steel fabricated (ANZAC memorial) bridge in Newcastle, our home. This bridge is a significant as the Harbour Bridge is to Sydney, and we wanted to build it. There was approximately 64 tonnes of stainless steel at stake and the client was not about to let just anyone fabricate and treat the final product as there were hundreds of thousands of dollars involved in the material costs alone.

The architect and design team were specifying for the fabricator to be accredited by ASSDA. This was our golden opportunity to jump on the wagon and drive the order straight to our door. We knew that there were some big players quoting against us and that the pricing would also be a factor. During the negotiations we had several meetings, and again, we had the opportunity to sell ourselves as an ASSDA Accredited company and promote our access to ASSDA's services, including the technical advisory service. I believe this was one of the biggest hurdles in winning the tender.

We won the tender in late September 2014 and finished construction in late February 2015, just in time for the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC day in 2015.

The application of stainless steel in Newcastle's ANZAC Memorial Walkway was published in Australian Stainless magazine issue 55. Read the article here.