Roladuct Spiral Tubing (QLD) Pty Ltd

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CONTACT Mick Woolley

216 Cobalt Street

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Carole Park QLD 4300

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ASSDA ACCREDITED since September 2006 in the fabrication and installation services of the following industry categories:

Heavy Industrial, Light Commercial

Roladuct Spiral Tubing are manufacturers of stainless steel spiral welded pipe, tube and fitting, suitable for water supply, reticulation lines, condenser water/chilled water piping, boiler flues and fume extraction.

Diameters range from 76mm to 2500mm in diameter and wall thickness from 0.5mm to 5.0mm.

The company has manufacturing plants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, all offering services of full fabrication, assembly, pickling and passivation.


  1. Cronulla - Sewerage Treatment Plant
  2. Manakua, New Zealand - Sewerage Treatment Plant
  3. Illawarra - Sewerage Treatment Plant
  4. West Camden - Sewerage Treatment Plant
  5. Dubbo - Sewerage Treatment Plant
  6. Kens Building - Condensor Water
  7. 126 Phillip Street - Condensor Water
  8. Blacktown Shopping Centre - Condensor Water
  9. Global Switch - Condensor Water
  10. MacArthur Square - Condensor Water


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