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ASSDA ACCREDITED since September 2013 in the fabrication services of the following industry categories:

Food, Dairy and Beverage

Gold Peg
is a food equipment manufacturer in unique Direct Steam Injection cooking systems: The 'RotaTherm®' for pasturisation, UHT and aseptic production of processed cheese, sauces, baby food, pet food etc.; and the 'GPiCS' for making natural mozzarella. Gold Peg equipment delivers benefits of increased yield, low waste, process flexibility, fast (~20 secs) even heating, precise control and all from a small foot print.

The RotaTherm® and the GPiCS food equipment are unique Gold Peg designs and only manufactured at their facility in Melbourne, Australia.

Gold Peg food equipment is used daily throughout the world since 1988, producing quality food products with core markets in Japan, North America and Europe.

Gold Peg’s operational and food technology expertise is integrated into the design and manufacture of their continuous cooking systems.

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Below are a few examples of the industrial food production systems Gold Peg has designed, manufactured and installed:-

  1. Processed cheese continuous cooking systems in USA, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, New Zealand and North Africa
  2. Dairy dessert continuous cooking systems
  3. Table sauce continuous cooking systems (chilli, tomato/ketchup sauce style)
  4. Cooking sauce continuous cooking system (pasta, simmer, flavour style)
  5. Aseptic continuous cooking systems - pet food, puree vegetables
  6. Meat continuous cooking systems

(The RotaTherm® food production technology is central to all the systems above).

  1. Natural mozzarella continuous cooking systems (GPiCS)