Blown away by stainless steel

Blown away by stainless steel
For almost 30 years ASSDA Member AirEng has delivered customised, state-of-the-art stainless steel airflow solutions for a wide range of local and global industries including agriculture, mining, food and beverage and water treatment. 

AirEng continues to be a leading industrial fan specialist, providing businesses with steadfast solutions, employing leading edge technology, practical design, and robust construction. All AirEng products are proudly designed and manufactured locally in Australia at their production facility in Bayswater, Victoria, spanning over a 3.2-acre site. 

Industrial fans are used for various applications and unique industry needs. They are generally broken down into three different fan types, axial, mixed flow and centrifugal, all of which can be manufactured in stainless steel and up to a sizeable 5m in diameter. AirEng predominately manufacture their fans in grades 304L and 316L due to the material’s excellent corrosion resistant properties, which maximises product performance and quality where contaminants are present in the air stream. AirEng also manufactures components using duplex stainless steels, particularly in grades 2205 and 2507 for even more rigorous duties.

AirEng recently manufactured and installed two stainless steel centrifugal fans for Sydney Water to improve onsite odour management for their Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). AirEng worked closely with their client, considering not only the application, but equipment reliability, longevity, operational efficiency, maintenance requirements and capital cost. The centrifugal fans extract foul air to four packed tower scrubbers which deodorise the air prior to release into the atmosphere. The fans were rated at 50,000m³/hr each and powered by 90kW four-pole motors. They featured a 1.2m diameter single inlet, single-width backward inclined laminar impeller, with an overall weight of 2.5t. This was manufactured from grade 316L stainless steel for its high level of material strength and efficiency. 

The fan shafts and casings were also fabricated from 316L for its excellent corrosion resistant properties, ensuring reliability for a long and lower maintenance working life. Stainless steel materials for this project was supplied by ASSDA Member, Vulcan.

Aeration is also a necessary process in wastewater treatment plants, adding air into wastewater to allow biodegradation of the pollutant components. Industrial fans are used to create strong pressure and efficient airflow to provide air in the aeration process. 

With the correct maintenance procedures, AirEng fans provide a long service life and are designed for a minimum 20-year service. All their products conform to AS 2936 Industrial fans – Determination of performance characteristics, BS 848 Fans for General Purposes and US Air Movement and Control Association Inc. AMCA210 and AMCA310 performance requirements. 

AirEng is constantly evolving its manufacturing processes and material applications to suit emerging industries, skilfully matching fan design to process requirements. Material choice in aeration equipment can make the difference to reduce carbon footprints and substantially lower life-cycle costs.

Stainless steel is the material of choice in industrial fan applications due to its strength, durability, and corrosive resistant properties, in turn, increasing bearing life and dramatically extending maintenance intervals. Choosing the right technology is vital, however correct material specification is crucial.

Photo credit: AirEng

This article is featured in Australian Stainless Magazine issue 75, 2022. 


Lissel Pilcher