Webinar Overview

Stainless steels have been around for more than 100 years, but many experienced users still have only a hazy idea of the important differences between the corrosion resistance of various grades. Just as importantly, why you select a specific material will depend on the mechanical or physical properties that you need. After reinforcing why stainless steels are corrosion resistant, this webinar will cover:

  • Choosing the stainless family – before looking at corrosion resistance
  • What affects your choice:
    • Environment
    • Availability/cost
    • Your design and processing
    • Specific mechanical or physical properties
  • What standards do not tell you about your stainless steel
  • Estimating corrosion resistance using PRE
  • Water with chloride, temperature and pH variations
  • Burial of stainless steel – a very brief outline
  • Effects of crevices, finish and chemical treatment
  • The IMOA/ASSDA model for atmospheric service – multiple paths to success
  • Stainless steel in chemical, low and high temperature conditions

Presenter: Dr Graham Sussex, Technical Specialist
Graham is a materials expert with over 30 years experience and more than 600 technical publications to his name. Stainless steel is his specialty.

Cost: $45/person ASSDA*, ASSDA Accredited, NZSSDA and EA Members,
$85/person Non-Members

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This webinar will be hosted by Zoom.

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