frank green is on the hunt for Australian stainless steel manufacturers 


Ben Young, frank green Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is calling out to Aussie manufacturers to help create their famous stainless-steel reusable cups in Australia. 


frank green, an Australian Made licensee, currently produces all of their its reusable cup products in Australia through a local manufacturer. The company is are seeking to replicate this for its stainless-steel range.


“We want an Australian company to manufacture our best-selling stainless-steel product range here in Australia, because we believe manufacturing in Australia allows us to not only produce superior quality products, but also become more competitive, adaptive and responsive to the marketplace,” Mr Young said. 


“Much of our success is attributed to manufacturing locally. When we come up with a product or idea, we are able to run to market very quickly and meet our consumers’ needs, we have become obsessed with becoming consumer centric. The product quality in Australia is also amazing, and if on the rare occasion there are any issues, we don’t have to ship our stock and wait before we can establish problems, it’s always something that we can fix very quickly.


As a company, we need to stay focused on innovation, marketing and sales and that’s the reason we need an amazing local manufacturer to help us create our stainless-steel products. We want them to give us the quality and speed of service that we are used to from our plastic product manufacturer in Australia.”


Ben Lazzaro, Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive said it was great to see frank green, an Australian Made licensee, wanting to commit to manufacturing in Australia for the long term.


“Manufacturing in Australia creates jobs, supports economic development and promotes prosperity in our communities, all of which have a positive flow-on effect for all Australians.


We encourage more companies to follow in frank green’s footsteps and actively seek out opportunities to bring their manufacturing to Australia. After all, we know discerning consumers seek out high-quality Australian products in the market place,” Mr Lazzaro said. 


In January, Roy Morgan released research that found 90% of Australians are more likely to buy Australian-made products than those made overseas.


Australian Made is putting the call out to help frank green find an Australian manufacturing partner for their stainless-steel reusable cup products.


For more information on how to work with frank green, please contact on them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..