18 June 2019



Welcome to our new look and feel. 

Today after 26 years, ASSDA is excited to release an updated brand identity.

Our profile has grown and evolved, and we have altered our logos to reflect who we are today, to better represent our industry and Members, and to symbolise our dynamic future.

Our core objective remains: To increase the consumption of stainless steel in Australia.

With our new branding, we look forward to continuing to foster the understanding and use of stainless steel in Australia by developing the competency and efficiency of the industry through our promotional activities, education and training, the provision of adequate technical advice and fabricator accreditation.

As we grow, it’s important to reflect back on ASSDA’s achievements and the dedication of the Association and its industry stakeholders in facilitating a number of key developments that define our industry today. Please click here to view a summary of our milestones.

To all our Members and extended network, thank you for your continued support and helping us to grow the Australian market for stainless steel.