Australian Stainless is ASSDA's flagship publication, and is a leading industry magazine devoted to showcasing the unique diversity and durability of stainless steel.

First published in 1993, Australian Stainless is a high quality, full-colour magazine, featuring carefully selected photographs ans well constructed text with high production values that convey the quality of stainless steel, its elegance and beauty. A well-respected industry publication, Australian Stainless has assisted and encouraged specified and end users of stainless steel, with a focus on local fabrication.

In 2009, ASSDA launched Australian Stainless Online to provide a readily available news feed to a wider audience around the world. Visit www.assda.asn.au/blog/.

Australian Stainless is designed to stand as an informative reference tool and features:

  • Applications and case studies
  • Comprehensive technical articles
  • Innovative Australian fabrication
  • Circulation of over 5,000 readers

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Previous editions of Australian Stainless can be viewed below or you can look for articles relating to particular topics here using the global search function on our website.

AS 60 - Summer 2017/18

AS 61 - Autumn 2018

AS 58 - Summer 2016/17

  AS 59 - Winter 2017

AS 56 - Winter 2016

   AS 57 - Spring 2016

AS 54 - Spring 2014


AS 55 - Winter 2015


AS 52 - Summer 2012/13


AS 53 - Autumn 2013


AS 50 - Summer 2011/12


AS 51 - Autumn 2012

AS48 Cover AS 48 - Autumn 2011  

AS 49 - 2012 Australian Stainless Reference Manual

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AS 46 - Winter 2009

AS 47 - Spring 2010

AS 44 - Spring 2008

AS 45 - Summer 2009

AS 42 - Summer 2008

AS 43 - 2008 Australian Stainless Reference Manual

AS 40 - Winter 2007

AS 41 - Spring 2007

For articles featured in issues 39 or earlier, please refer to Australian Stainless Online (www.assda.asn.au/blog/) or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

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