A1 Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd
A E Atherton & Sons Pty Ltd
A & G Engineering Pty Ltd
Abrasiflex Pty Ltd
ACO Polycrete Pty Ltd

Adnought Sheetmetal Fabrications
Affordable Stainless Products
Aflex Pty Ltd
AirEng Pty Ltd
Akras Industries Pty Ltd
Allmate International Co., Limited
Allmet Engineering
AMBA Stainless Wire & Screen
Amity Pacific Pty Ltd
Anzor Stainless Fasteners & Fittings
Aqseptence Group Pty Ltd
Arcus Wire Group Pty Ltd 
Atlas Stainless Balustrade and Fabrications 
Atlas Steels
Auspress Systems Pty Ltd
Austral Alloys Pty Ltd
Austral Wright Metals
Australian Pickling & Passivation Service
Australian Stainless Distributors Pty Ltd
Australian Stainless Tube & Imports Pty Ltd

AVK Wang Pty Ltd 
AWMA Pty Ltd

AWR Solutions Pty Ltd

B & R Enclosures Pty Ltd
Bacsoon Customising
BDR Stainless (Aust) Pty Ltd 
Bespoke Wire and Rope Pty Ltd
Beralon Pty Ltd
Bridgeman Stainless Solutions
Callidus Welding Solutions Pty Ltd
Callington Haven Pty Ltd
Carlson Stainless Tanks Pty Ltd

CBJ Stainless Installations Pty Ltd

Ching-Hann Industries Co Ltd 
Contract Engineering SA Pty Ltd
Custom Built Stainless
Da Ming International Holdings Ltd
D & L Engineering Service Pty Ltd (Fabinox)
Dalsteel Metals Pty Ltd
Davies Metal Works Pty Ltd
Decoware Australia Pty Ltd
Diverse Welding Services
Draffin Street Furniture 
Ebro Armaturen Pacific Pty Ltd
Edcon Steel Pty Ltd
Emery Industries Pty Ltd
Ensitech Pty Ltd
Everything Metal Pty Ltd
F Miller & Co

Fabmetal Specialists
Fagersta Steels Pty Ltd
Fineweld Stainless Steel Pty Ltd
Ford Engineering and Installations
Froch Enterprise Co., Ltd
Furphy Engineering
Gasco Pty Ltd
Gentec Australia Pty Ltd
Geordi Stainless
Gold Peg International Pty Ltd 
HH Stainless Pte Ltd
Hipex Pty Ltd
Hobson Engineering Pty Ltd
House of Bamboo 
Industrial Tube Manufacturing
International Corrosion Services Pty Ltd

J&T Mechanical Installation Pty Ltd
JB Collitt Engineering Pty Ltd
JC Butko Engineering 
JC Sheetmetal
JMA Engineering Pty Ltd
John Beever (Aust) Pty Ltd
Justin Allingham
Kanematsu Australia Pty Ltd
Kleanwell Pty Ltd

Langford Metal Industries 
Leviat Pty Ltd
Low Cost Wire
Maddison Wright Engineering
Marko Stainless & Aluminium
Maxcon Industries Pty Ltd
MAYFAB Engineering Pty Ltd
Metal Centre Australia
Miami Stainless
Midway Metals 
Minnis & Samson 
MM Kembla
MME Surface Finishing (VIC) Pty Ltd

National Tube Mills
Nickel Institute
Novacel SA

Oakwood Sheet Metal Works
Oliveri Solutions Pty Ltd 
Outokumpu Pty Ltd
Paige Stainless Fabrication
Pipeline Fabrications Pty Ltd
Pipe Weld
Prochem Pipeline Products Pty Ltd
Project Steel Supplies Pty Ltd
Pure Piping

Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd
RJ's Welding Services
Roladuct Spiral Tubing Pty Ltd
Ronstan International Pty Ltd
Sanwa Pty Ltd
Sepak Industries Pty Ltd
SGM Fabrication & Construction Pty Ltd
Simford Welding Services  
Southern Stainless Pty Ltd
SP McLean Engineering Pty Ltd
Specialised Engineering Services (WA) Pty Ltd

Specialised Pipe and Fittings Australia Pty Ltd
Specialty Metals

SSS Project Management 
Stainless and Special Metals
Stainless Bar & Wire Company
Stainless Designs
Stainless Engineering Services
Stainless Steel Wire & Mesh Pty Ltd
Stainless Tanks Australia  
Stanch Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Stattin Stainless Pty Ltd
Steel Color Australia Pty Ltd
Stirlings Performance Steels
Stormtech Pty Ltd
Suhner Australia Pty Ltd
Sussex Materials Solutions
SWA Water Australia Pty Ltd

Swift Electroplaters Pty Ltd
Synergy Engineering Australia Pty Ltd
Tasweld Engineering
TFG Pty Ltd
Total Piping & Mechanical
Townsville Stainless Steel
Trevaskis Engineering
Tubesales Stainless Pty Ltd
Unique Metal Laser Pty Ltd
UPR Plumbing Services Pty Ltd
Valbruna Australia Pty Ltd
Viraj Profiles Ltd.
Vulcan Stainless

YC Inox Co., Ltd. 
Yieh United Steel Corporation (YUSCO)
Yue-Seng Industrial Co., Ltd


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