The ASSDA Stainless Steel Stock Guide is an online-only publication that serves as a valuable resource for individuals and companies seeking up-to-date information on the availability of stainless steel materials in Australia. It provides a breakdown of commonly stocked semi-finished and finished stainless steel materials, including sheet, coil, plate, safety flooring products, bar, wire, wire rope, mesh, pipe, tube, pipe and tube fittings, and fasteners.

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The 2023 edition of the Stock Guide offers the latest information on the ex-stock (regularly stocked in Australia) portfolio of stainless steel materials. It aims to assist designers, specifiers, engineers, fabricators, and producers of stainless steel goods in their decision-making processes.

Key features and benefits of the ASSDA Stainless Steel Stock Guide include:

  • General indication of common availability: The guide provides an overview of the commonly
    available stainless steel materials, offering a reference point for users.
  • Tailoring options: Australian suppliers have the capability to customise products to individual specifications, and special product runs can be arranged with sufficient lead time.
  • Assistance in sourcing suppliers: The guide directs users to ASSDA's Stainless Steel Industry Directory, a comprehensive industry directory and reference available on the ASSDA website. This resource helps users find suppliers, fabricators, and other stainless steel services in Australia.
  • Project management support: Designers, specifiers and engineers can use the Stock Guide to gain a better understanding of relevant specifications, sizes, and product dimensions of readily available materials. This aids in project management and delivery.
  • Procurement and operational efficiency: Fabricators and producers of stainless steel goods can leverage the Stock Guide for day-to-day procurement queries to help streamline operations, manage inventories and optimise production processes.

The ASSDA Stainless Steel Stock Guide caters to a wide range of professionals in the stainless steel industry and provides them with valuable information to make informed decisions and enhance their operations.