The Stainless Steel Specialist Course (SSSC) is a breakthrough educational tool that provides a standard level of knowledge and qualification across the industry. It provides comprehensive information about every aspect of stainless steel practice in Australia. It is offered online via the International Stainless Steel Forum.

It is an advanced and effective e-learning tool, and is designed to improve your knowledge of stainless steel, its properties, performance and uses. It consists of 17 challenging and rewarding modules delivered and marked online, covering a wide range of topics from introductory to more complex material. Input from the industry has ensured that topics covered are relevant to the workplace. It is useful for anyone specifying, manufacturing or working with stainless steel.

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There are two levels of certification. An Intermediate Certificate is awarded on the successful completion of 5 modules (including compulsory modules) and usually takes 3 months. A Full Certificate is awarded on the successful completion of 12 modules (including compulsory modules) and usually takes 6 months.

Benefits for companies

Individual modules may also be purchased, allowing companies the flexibility to select modules for training staff according to company operations.

  • Skills participants in the benefits and limitations of stainless steel
  • Upskills individuals and organisations already established in the stainless steel industry, as well as those who have little knowledge about stainless steel
  • Modular form of the course allows companies the flexibility to tailor the training of their employees
  • Authoritative, up-to-date reference document

Benefits for participants

  • Participant gains an understanding of why they are doing what they are doing in their job.
  • Completion of course at own pace and in own time.

Benefits for the stainless steel industry

  • Provides a standard level of knowledge and recognised level of achievement.
  • Translates into a higher level of productivity for existing and new workers by promoting a greater depth of understanding of stainless.

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