Achieving ASSDA Accreditation

The Stainless Steel Specialists Register (SSSR) is reserved for accredited businesses active in the stainless steel industry with appropriate experience and/or qualifications. To obtain ASSDA Stainless Steel Specialist Accreditation, companies must agree to conform to stringent standards of competence, training and conduct, adhering to a Code of Ethics and Practices. Continued accreditation will depend on continuing effort to maintain and upgrade skills and capabilities

Stainless steel fabricators can become ASSDA Accredited in up to four industry categories:

  • Architectural (Exterior and interior use of stainless steel in buildings, usually an integral part of the building and made specifically for it)
  • Food, Dairy and Beverage (Equipment for processing of goods for human consumption)
  • Heavy Industrial (Typical stainless steel thickness 3mm and more)
  • Light Commercial (Typical stainless steel thickness 3mm and less)

Below outlines the steps needed to gain ASSDA Accreditation:

Step 1: Submit Part 1 of the Application

Interested parties are encouraged to read the ASSDA Accreditation Scheme Manual prior to submitting Part 1 of the application. 

Step 2: Workshop inspection and review

Once Part 1 of the application is received and reviewed, an Accreditation consultant will contact you to to discuss and arrange an on-site appointment to inspect your workshop to ensure conformity and requirements of the Scheme are met. During this appointment, the consultant will assist with the requirements of Part 2 of the application, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Part 2 of the Application lodged

The application forms for ASSDA Accreditation has been designed not only as a method for ASSDA to gather the required information, but for the applicant to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own organisation and provide a clear indication where improvement can be achieved. The application process examines:

  • Workshop capabilities
  • Avoiding contamination processes
  • Quality control
  • Safety management
  • Training systems
  • Comprehensive stainless steel specific knowledge statement

View an example of Part 2 of the application here.

Step 4: Reference checks, technical and quality review by ASSDA

Once Part 2 of the application is received and reviewed, ASSDA will contact you regarding the success of your application.