Complete Engineering Team

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CONTACT Heath Wright, Director
1 Telford Drive, Shepparton VIC 3630  /  0438 298 209
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ASSDA Accredited since July 2019 in the fabrication and installation services of the following industry categories:
  • Food, Dairy, and Beverage
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Light Commercial

Complete Engineering Team is a multi-disciplinary engineering company. We provide engineering solutions for your dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical and water industry projects. We work with our clients to understand their needs and project requirements, in turn, we deliver cost-effective solutions to the highest quality standards.

Our team is equipped to manage small and large-scale projects specialising in pressure piping, process piping, duplex and super duplex piping, equipment installation, stainless steel tanks, platforms and frames. Welding services include TIG, MIG, and orbital welding. We provide project management, site services, certified cranes and riggers.


  1. Fonterra Whey 1 Stanhope Tetrapak
  2. Fonterra Whey 2 Stanhope Tetrapak
  3. CIP set Nutritional Freedom Foods
  4. CIP set 500M Upgrade Freedom Foods
  5. Lipil oil addition project HPS Engineering Mead Johnson
  6. Chemical reclaim project Chem Clean Freedom Foods
  7. UHT Line install Tetrapak Freedom Foods
  8. Ambient Drinking Yoghurt plant Tetrapak Freedom Foods
  9. LF plant installation HPS Engineering Freedom Foods
  10. MF plant HPS Freedom Foods