Posted 25th September 2009



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Posted 1 March 1998

Stainless steel forms a significant part of a beef abattoir, including the conveyors, fixed and elevated platforms, sterilisers, chutes, hand wash basins and, of late, water supply and wastewater piping. The stainless component may now expand even further in new abattoirs with the recent development of cast stainless steel skids and forged hooks for use on dressing conveyors.

Posted 1 June 2002

At a time when so many industrial processes are computer-driven, there is still a place for human knowledge and experience in the highly specialised area of hydro-turbine manufacturing.


Posted 1 June, 2002

Retaining a sparkling finish on stainless steel surfaces is just a matter of a few simple steps. And you don't need expensive products or special equipment - ordinary household cleaners are usually all that's required. You just need to bear in mind a few easy DOs and DON'Ts...

Posted 1 March 2003

Grade 316 stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance and has become the norm for architectural applications within 5km of the coastline. Another natural use for grade 316 stainless is in boating and marine sports gear, which has to withstand the corrosive effects of salt water.

Posted 1 March 2003

A decor has to be unique to stand out among the trendy cafes and nightclubs in Park Road, Milton, one of Brisbane’s most fashionable locations, and it certainly has to possess the wow factor to compete with the multitude of sensory experiences which greet clubbers out to see the latest bands and DJs.

Posted 1 March 2003

To symbolise the wetlands landscape of the Nundah area in Brisbane’s north, sculptor Daniel Della Bosca sought out materials which best convey the fluidity and reflectivity of water and the reedy texture of waterside vegetation.