Inaugural stainless steel art exhibition

Posted 1 July 2007

An exhibition showcasing the use of stainless steel in an artistic sense will, for the first time ever, coincide with ASSDA’s annual conference in October.

Warrick Timmins - HouseboatSponsored by ASSDA member ELG and presented in partnership with Cooks Hill Galleries, the exhibition entitled Stainless Evolution, will be on display in the main auditorium at the PacRim 2007 Conference in Newcastle this October.  The pieces created will use various types of stainless steel, for the exclusive viewing of PacRim delegates.

timminsartWarrick Timmins of Newcastle is one such artist who has used stainless steel in his pieces to depict his love of water.  Warrick says he enjoys designing forms that challenge his skills and pushes the dimensions of the materials he uses.

He says he uses stainless steel for its ‘strength, beauty and reflective qualities’.

Following on from the conference, the art exhibiition will be moved to Cooks Hill Gallleries in Newcastle, under the direction of Mr Mark Widdup.

Images are pieces by Warrick Timmins that were included in the exhibition.

This article featured in Australian Stainless magazine - Issue 40.