ASSDA Wins 2023 World Stainless Industry Award

We are delighted to share the exciting news that ASSDA has been presented with the prestigious Silver Award (Market Development) at the 2023 Stainless Steel Industry Awards delivered by World Stainless.

The award ceremony took place on 11 May 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. This recognition is a significant achievement for ASSDA and positions Australia prominently on the global stainless steel stage.

This is ASSDA's second award in the World Stainless Stainless Steel Industry Awards, having also won a Silver Award for Best New Development in 2020 for the Murray Irrigation PIIOP Round 3 Project (AWMA Water Control Solutions). These accolades further underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation within the stainless steel industry.

The Silver Award was presented to ASSDA for the Duplex Wire Rope Cable Solution Project in collaboration with its Member, Arcus Wire Group. This groundbreaking project involved the delivery of hamma® 26.00mm diameter 6x19 (SL) + IWRX construction 2205 duplex stainless steel cables for an underwater application in Israel. Their purpose was to serve as a guiding system for the draft tube gates and stop logs of the lower surge shaft within a 344MW pumped storage hydroelectric power station. This power station, designed to provide flexible backup power and enhance stability for Israel's national electricity grid, represents the country's inaugural venture of its kind. The project's significance lies in its pioneering use of duplex stainless steel wire rope cables, which successfully met the exacting demands, life-cycle requirements, and performance expectations of the application. To learn more about this project, please click here.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the Duplex Wire Rope Cable Solution Project was also recognised as the 2022 winner of ASSDA's Australian Industry Stainless Steel Fabricator Awards in the Architecture, Building and Construction category. Congratulations to the Arcus Wire Group team, this accomplishment further promotes the exceptional capabilities and innovative spirit of our Members and the local stainless steel industry.

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We take the opportunity to encourage all ASSDA Members to continue sharing updates on their stainless steel projects, as they hold the potential for publication in Australian Stainless Magazine and future award submissions.