A staircase of unparalleled elegance

A staircase of unparalleled elegance
Coloured stainless steel graces West Side Place
ASSDA Member Fabmetal Specialists has added a touch of luxury to Melbourne City's latest residential landmark by delivering an exquisite package of geometric stair soffit and balustrade cladding, created from coloured stainless steel.

Spanning an expansive 12,000m2 site and set to become Victoria's largest residential development, West Side Place elegantly connects Spencer and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne's CBD. The iconic project boasts an array of mixed-use spaces, including residential apartments, recreational facilities, retail, and dining arcades, and is also home to the prestigious Ritz-Carlton and Dorsett Hotels.

With its world-class design and a commitment to offering unparalleled luxury in urban living, every element of West Side Place demanded exceptional materials and craftsmanship. A notable feature on the ground floor of Tower 1, a striking free-standing staircase seamlessly guides guests to the first level, serving as an architectural masterpiece in its own right. The captivating geometry of the stair soffit, adorned in radiant 'gold' stainless steel, effortlessly captures attention.

During the design phase, Fabmetal Specialists collaborated closely with the various stakeholders involved, elevating the original specification of 2mm brass sheets with a clear protective coating to the superior choice of stainless steel.

To bring their vision to life, the team selected grade 304 TiVox stainless steel, using 1.2mm sheets with a No.4 gold satin (slight brush) finish and an anti-fingerprint coating.

This exceptional material was supplied, expertly fabricated, and seamlessly installed by the Fabmetal Specialists team.

Fabmetal Specialists' TiVox range is renowned for its signature coloured stainless steel panels. Achieved through a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process, this innovative technique involves ionising titanium and zirconium with a high-temperature vacuum chamber, depositing a thin and durable coating onto the steel's surface. The resulting coloured finish offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, scratches, corrosion, and requires minimal maintenance.

Forty bespoke stainless steel sheets, each measuring 4000x1500mm, were supplied to ensure seamless integration and smooth joint lines in the stair soffit cladding, meticulously meeting the architects' vision. To maintain optimal flatness, the sheet panels were supported by a lightweight aluminium backing board, while every panel edge was expertly V-grooved, delivering a sharp and flawless finish. Fabmetal Specialists' patented Fablok system, renowned for its precision column assembly, was employed to seamlessly clip the panels together, eliminating visible fixings and caulked joints.

Fabmetal Specialists' contribution to West Side Place showcases their commitment to excellence and their ability to transform architectural concepts into breathtaking realities using stainless steel.

Photo credit: Blueprint.

This article was featured in Australian Stainless Magazine Issue 78 (2023).





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